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Bahrain Promotions and Marketing Board Last updated on Wednesday 14th April 2010

From His Excellency, the Minister of Commerce:

"Bahrain's strategic location, within easy access to nearly 100 million resourceful and economically strong consumers in a virtually recession-free market, is another of the most cited reasons why companies move to Bahrain. Its link via the King Fahad Causeway to the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, the biggest market in the region, as well as Bahrain International Airport, the hub of Middle East aviation, makes the island the obvious distribution and services centre for the region.

And we are traditionally a very tolerant society which welcomes visitors. Bahrain is a favourite weekend destination for both nationals and foreigners living in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It offers an eclectic lifestyle -- a unique blend of traditional Arab culture and antiquities interspersed with western entertainment and night life.

Many foreigners come here to work and voluntarily extend their stay. It is this resident foreign community that is one of our biggest supporters."

In 1993 the Prime Minister of Bahrain, Sheikh Khalifa bin Sulman Al-Khalifa directed that a national marketing and promotions organization for the State of Bahrain be formed. Its name became Bahrain Promotions and Marketing Board and it is usually abbreviated BPMB. The chairman of the organization is the Minister of Commerce & Agriculture, His Excellency Habib Ahmed Kassim.

BPMB is an autonomous government-funded enterprise. Policy is determined by representatives from both government and the private sector and an executive arm is responsible for the implementation of policy.

The responsibility of BPMB is to provide a national focus for all public and private sector marketing and promotional initiatives. It aims to attract foreign investment by promoting the country's national resources, facilities and government incentives. It supports and encourages Bahraini exporters in the identification and development of export market opportunities.

Since its formation, BPMB has assisted in heightening awareness of Bahrain in the global market place as a premier Middle Eastern investment location, as the financial services capital of the region, as a hub of regional aviation and a pioneer of global economic development.

Accelerating regional economic growth, pragmatic government legislation allowing 100% foreign ownership of companies, an equitable agency law, unique investment incentives and a buoyant regional market all provide the background against which BPMB's strategies for attracting investment are planned.

The continuing philosophy behind BPMB's marketing programme is to maintain Bahrain's reputation as a home for clean, high technology, high value added manufacturing and service industries. It is also able to promote the twin attractions of a mature industrial infrastructure as well as easy access to some 100 million consumers.

BPMB's sectoral priorities in products include aluminium, food processing, plastics and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and engineering. In the service industry, it is focusing on financial services, insurance, information technology, distribution, tourism, communications and engineering maintenance and training. Its selection strategy favours a mix of multinational corporations, medium sized companies with already identified markets in the region and small companies demonstrating high growth potential.

BPMB has taken a very aggressive approach to marketing and promoting Bahrain. A dynamic advertising campaign was launched and it seems to be paying off. Since the beginning of the campaign, over 4600 requests for information have been received and acted upon. And most importantly, 136 companies have chosen Bahrain as their Middle East corporate base. Among them are AT&T International, Kimberley-Clarke, Silicon Graphics, Digital Equipment and Sprint Communications.

A vital part of BPMB's marketing campaign is strategically located representation in Europe, the US, the Gulf states themselves, Asia and the Pacific Rim. This will obviously assist in rapid responses to requests for investment information and also help in identifying companies likely to benefit from a presence in the Gulf.

In attracting foreign investment, BPMB has introduced an innovative procedure for new companies wishing to register in Bahrain. It is unlike any other offered in the region and allows registration of companies within seven days upon submission of the minimum of paper work. A company registration number is issued and the company may begin mobilization at once. At the same time, the more formal registration procedures can be completed. Says the Chairman of the BPMB, "Simplicity is the key. As part of the service, formalities for company registration have been simplified, previously inhibiting red tape has been eradicated and the whole process has been streamlined."

Bahrain Promotions and Marketing Board

P.O. Box 11299
Telephone: (973) 533886
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