Bahrain - The workforce

Bahrain - The workforce Last updated on Wednesday 14th April 2010


  • Female (as % of labour force): 20 % (1998)
  • Male (as % of labour force): 80 % (1998)
  • Agriculture: 2.0 % (1990)
  • Industry: 29.8 % (1990)
  • Services: 68.2 % (1990)

With a high level of government support for education, Bahrain has one of the highest literacy rates in the Arab world and the highest female literacy rate in the Gulf. Considering the small size of the country, its indigenous population is one of the largest local workforces in the Gulf and is set to grow. Between 1994 and 2000, the number of school leavers seeking jobs will be over 40,000.

The Bahrain Training Institute is successfully preparing young Bahrainis of both sexes for the market. (Its student body is at least 50% female.) The head of the Bahrain Training Institute, Dr. Naji Al-Mahdi, says:

"We guarantee prospective employers quality training programmes... We only select candidates who demonstrate the potential to succeed through their enthusiasm and innate skills. The training facilities are constantly upgraded and our staff is trained according to internationally recognized standards. This young, well-educated workforce will be prepared for quality jobs in business, technical and service industries."

The five colleges of Bahrain University offer degrees ranging from B.Sc. and BA to higher level post-graduate diplomas and Masters Degrees in Education, Civil Engineering and an MBA. The faculty of the university also offers continuing education programmes aimed at professionals already in the field. The Diploma programme emphasizes engineering and business administration degrees.

Bahrain University as well as the country's vocational schools and colleges are geared to steering students to rewarding jobs in business. At the same time, investment incentives are offered to projects requiring more skilled and educated local staff.

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