Bahrain Stock Exchange

Bahrain Stock Exchange


Bahrain Stock Exchange
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The emergence of the capital markets sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain dates back to 1921 following the establishment of the first branch of a commercial bank (Standard Chartered Bank). In 1957, the first Bahraini Public Shareholding Company was established. Since then, more local public shareholding companies began to operate, reaching their peak in the beginning of the 1980’s. During this period, shares of public shareholding companies were being actively traded in a non-official market called “Al Jowhara Market”. As a result of a feasibility study prepared by the Government and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) highlighting the importance of establishing an official stock market in Bahrain, Amiri Decree No. 4 was issued to establish the Bahrain Stock Exchange (BSE) in 1987. The Exchange officially commenced operations in June 1989. The establishment of the Exchange enhanced the investment environment in Bahrain’s capital market sector, increasing the number and type of investment instruments registered at the BSE.

  • Mission: To enhance the investment environment in securities and investment instruments in order to become a leading regional and international market and a major listing center for mutual funds.
  • Vision: To continuously improve all activities performed by the exchange in accordance to the international standards to ensure a fair, transparent, diversified and efficient market, capable of meeting the demands of all parties involved with Bahrain Stock Exchange (BSE) with high professionalism. Bahrain Stock Exchange (BSE) will aim to enhance its competitiveness by attracting investments in order to achieve its objectives and strategies, thus contributing to the economic growth of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
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