Algeria overview

Algeria overview Last updated on Monday 19th April 2010

Algeria overview

Official name

  • Al-Jumhuriya al-Jazairia ash-Shaabiya

Head of government

  • Prime Minister


  • Algiers (population over 3 million)

Other cities

  • Oran (pop. over 1 million)
  • Constantine (750,000)
  • Annaba (450,000)
  • Tizi Ouzou (350,000)


  • 28,784,000 (1994)


  • Arabic (official), and Berber in some areas. Many people speak French, but Arabic has gradually been replacing it in education and public administration.


  • Islam

National holiday

  • November 1st, Anniversary of the Revolution (1954)


  • 220 volts (110 volts in some areas). A continental adapter is necessary.

National dialing code

  • +213

Time zone

  • GMT + 1 hour

Business hours

  • Government offices: 8am-12 noon & 2pm-5.30pm Sat to Wed; 8am-12 noon Thurs.
  • Private businesses generally close between noon and 3pm, but this is not fixed.
  • Banks: 9am-3pm Mon. to Thurs. Some banks close for lunch. Ramadan hours are shorter.
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