Algerian Museums

Algerian Museums Last updated on Monday 19th April 2010


National Museum of Antiquities

Parc de la Liberté.

Hours: 9am-12 noon & 2pm-5pm daily except Friday morning and Saturday.

Admission: Free.

Antique mosaics, Roman glass work and sculptures and Islamic art are on display.

Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions

Off rue Hadj Omar on the left.

Hours: 10am-12 noon & 2pm-5pm Sun to Thurs.

Indigenous arts and crafts, including carpets, jewellery, ceramics and furniture are housed in an Ottoman palace built in 1570 and later used by the French as a town hall. The palace is as interesting as the collection it contains.

History Museum & Natural History Museum

People's Palace, Parc de la Liberté, just off avenue Franklin Roosevelt.

Hours: 9am-12 noon & 2pm-6pm daily except Friday.

Both museums are located in former president's palace which was donated to the government by President Chadli ben Djedid in 1987. The palace is set in the Parc de la Liberté which is opening daily from 9.00am to 9.00pm except Mondays. The History Museum contains an interesting display of Ottoman era swords and jewellery while the Natural History Museum contains displays on flora and fauna from throughout the world.

Bardo Museum

3 avenue Franklin Roosevelt, at the top of rue Didouche Mourad.

Hours: 9am-12 noon & 2pm-5pm daily except Friday morning and Saturday.

This impressive collection of indigenous artifacts from various regions of Algeria is housed in a beautiful Moorish style mansion. The museum features exhibits on prehistoric findings and ethnography as well as regional jewelry, costumes, leatherwork and weaponry.

Jihad Museum & War Museum

On Martyr's Monument Plaza.

Hours: 9am-5pm daily except Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The Jihad museum, housed in a building directly beneath the Martyr's Monument, presents a historical exhibition of Algeria's independence struggle from 1830 to 1962. Most displays are in Arabic. The War Museum is located across the Plaza from the Jihad Museum and covers the same period. It contains a number of fascinating displays, including a city plan of Algiers circa 1830 and a genuine guillotine.

Museum of Fine Arts

Opposite Jardin d'Essai under the Martyr's monument.

Hours: 9.30am-12 noon & 2.30pm-5pm Sun to Thurs.

This museum contains a good collection of European paintings and works of modern Algerian artists.

The National Nature Museum

Jardin d'Essai.

Hours: 10am-6pm daily except Saturday.

This once-fine botanical garden has suffered from neglect and mismanagement.


Demaeght Museum

boulevard Zabana.

Hours: Daily except Friday afternoon and Saturday
Summer: 9am-12 noon & 3pm-7pm
Winter: 8.30am-12 noon & 2.30pm-6pm

This museum contains exhibits on prehistoric archaeological findings from throughout the Magreb, ethnological displays covering the Magreb and Asia with a special room on Oran, and a natural history exhibit of animals from the Magreb.


Constantine Museum

Behind the Place des Martyrs.

Hours: 8am-12 noon & 2pm-5pm daily except Friday mornings and Saturday.

This museum contains an exhibition of antiquities from the Numidian and Roman periods.


Hippo Regius Museum

South of Hippo Regius ruins 1km from Annaba.

Hours: 8am-11am & 2pm-5pm Sun to Thurs.

The museum contains archaeological antiquities discovered during excavations of Hippo Regius, including some outstanding mosaics.


Archaeological Museum

Place du 1er Novembre.

The museum contains exhibits from the Roman and Hafsid periods.

Emile Aubry Museum

Rue Youcef Bouchebah (between place Abane Ramadane and the Casbah).

Hours: 9am-12 noon & 2pm-5pm daily.

The museum exhibits works of contemporary Algerian painters.

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