Egypt overview

Egypt overview Last updated on Thursday 15th April 2010

Official Name

  • Arab Republic of Egypt (Jumhuriyah Misr al-’Arabiyah)


  • Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza Strip


  • total: 1,001,450 sq. km
  • land: 995,450 sq. km
  • water: 6,000 sq. km


  • Cairo (Al-Qahirah), 8,900,000 (estimation of 1995)

Main Cities

  • Alexandria (al-Iskandariyah) 3,382,000 people, Ismailia, Port Said, El Giza (Al-Jizah),


  • 62,226,000 (estimation of 1999)


  • Muslim, majority Sunni. There is about 10% Coptic minority and other smaller Christian groups.


  • Desert; hot, dry summers with moderate winters


  • Arabic (official), English and French are also used in business.


  • 1 Egyptian pound = 100 piastres


  • 384,300 sq. miles (995,500 sq. km)

International dialing code

  • +20

Time zone

  • GMT + 2 hours

National Holiday

  • July 23, Revolution Day (1952).
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