Egyptian Museums - Downtown Cairo

Egyptian Museums - Downtown Cairo Last updated on Sunday 18th April 2010

Egyptian Museum
(The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities)

Founded in 1858 by the great French archaeologist Auguste Mariette, who was buried in the museum grounds. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities contains the world's greatest collection of Pharaonic art and artifacts, including the treasures of Tutankhamen (pictured).

Tahrir Square

Hours: Saturday to Thursday 9.00am-4.00pm, Friday 9.00am-11.15am/1.30-4.00pm

Ramadan Hours: Daily 9.00am-11.15am/1.30-3.00pm

Admission: fees apply; there are special fees for students

Camera Permit: L.E. 10.00 (flashes and tripods prohibited)

Ethnological Museum

The museum exhibits village crafts, costumes, equipment and other items are on display.

109 Kasr El Aini
(just south of the American University campus)

Tel: 3545350

Hours: Daily except Friday and official holidays 9.00am-1.00pm

Admission: Free

Beit El Sennari

Housed in a traditional Islamic house, this museum contains an exhibition of applied arts from the Pharaonic period to the present day, including textiles, ceramics, batik, glassware, silk-screening, etc. The work of eminent modern Egyptian craftsmen, including textiles by Kamis Shehata, pottery by Kamal Ebeid and sculpture by Anwar Abdel Mawla is also featured.

Harret Monge
(just south of Saneyya Secondary School for Girls)

Tel: 938565

Hours: Daily except Friday 9.00am-2.00pm

Mostafa Kamel Museum

The tomb and personal belongings of the Egyptian nationalist leader are on display here.

Midan Salahud'din

Tel: 919943

Hours: Daily 9.00am-1.00pm

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