Jordan Culture: Jewellery

Jordan Culture: Jewellery Last updated on Tuesday 20th April 2010

Jewellery has a long history in the Kingdom; stores of gold and silver jewellery dating from Roman times have been unearthed on various archaeological sites.

Today, gold jewellery is worn by all strata of society, although the Qur'an discourages men from wearing this metal. The silver jewellery of the Bedouin (pictured) includes bracelets, chokers, rings, hair ornaments, long chains and rows of coins attached to necklaces or headdresses.

Filigree work was probably introduced by Yemeni silversmiths and some flat surfaces are engraved with Arabic calligraphy. Until recently, a Bedouin bride carried her entire wealth on her person in the shape of silver jewellery and it was hers to dispose of as she wished.

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