Overview of Jordan

Overview of Jordan Last updated on Tuesday 20th April 2010

Overview Jordan

Official name

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (al-Mamlakah al-Urdunniya al-Hashimiyah)


Population: 2,3000,000 people (estimation of 1995).

Other cities

Az-Zarqa (344,500 people); Irbid (208,200 people); As-Salt (187,000 people); Ar-Rusayfah (115,500 people)

Main port

Al Aqaba (41,900 people)


Excluding West Bank: 3,059,000
Arab population of West Bank: 1,014,900

Population profile

Predominantly Arab; approximately 90% Muslim and 10% Christian.
Other communities are Circassian, Shishan, Armenian and Druze.

Land area

92,300 sq. km


Arabic is the official language, but English is widely spoken and French is the most commonly used third language.


Jordanian dinar (JD)= 1,000 fils.
Banknotes come in denominations of JD20, JD10, JD5, JD1 and JD 0.5.

Official religion

Islam -- Sunni Muslims form the majority, Shiite Muslims a small minority. Christians constitute 4% of the population according to an estimation taken in 1997.


220 volts, 60 cycles.

Weights and measures


Business hours

Government business hours are 8am-2pm

International dialing code


Time zone

GMT + 2 hours
(summer: GMT + 3 hours)

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