Travel Agents in Jordan

Travel Agents in Jordan Last updated on Tuesday 20th April 2010

There follows a list of some of the leading travel agents in Jordan.

Nebo Tourism Services Company
Tel: +962 618864
Fax: +962 647117

International Traders
Tel: +962 607014
Fax: +962 669905

Middle East Company
Tel: +962 683494
Fax: +962 681903

Al Fadi Travel and Tourism
Tel: +962 696452
Fax: +962 668452

Ahlia for Tourism
Tel: +962 682054
Fax: +962 680424

Petra Travel and Tourism Company
Tel: +962 630380
Fax: +962 636232

Zaatarah for Travel and Tourism
Tel: +962 628911 (Amman)
Fax: +962 655011 (Amman)
Tel: +20 2 5750208 (Egypt)
Fax: +20 2 5750034 (Egypt)

Orient Express Ltd
Tel: +962 602460/661121
Fax: +962 683789

Regent Travel and Tourism
Tel: +962 605039
Fax: +962 669839

Space Travel and Tourism
Tel: +962 668069/669068
Fax: +962 688919

Nepton Travel and Tourism
Tel: +962 651780
Fax: +962 651779

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