Kuwait Transport: Driving Licenses

Kuwait Transport: Driving Licenses Last updated on Wednesday 21st April 2010

Visitors can use international driving licenses issued by their respective country within the time limit of their visa; however, the license must be insured.

Foreigners with an official residence permit in Kuwait can apply to the Traffic Department for a Kuwaiti driving license. Documents needed for the driving license application are:

Four half passport-sized photographs.

Passport with residence visa and copies of the relevant pages.

National driving license.

Letter from the employer.

Electricity bill (as proof of address).

A letter from the district administrator in which the applicant lives.

Holders of British and American licenses can get a transfer of their national license, which will be valid until the expiry of their residence permit. This applies also to professionals, such as doctors, engineers, accountants… etc. of any nationality.

Otherwise, applicants have to go through the normal procedure of applying for a Learner's License and are required to pass a driving test to obtain a Kuwaiti driving license.

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