Utilities and Services in Kuwait

Utilities and Services in Kuwait Last updated on Wednesday 21st April 2010


If you wish to have a telephone, application must be made to the Ministry of Communications with the following documents:

Passport photocopies of the pages showing your name and residence visa Photocopies of your accommodation lease and an electricity bill Certificate to show there are no outstanding amounts on past phone bills Refundable deposit or security bank guarantee of KD 500 if you wish to have an international line. Otherwise you can make local calls and receive incoming international calls.

Companies do not have to deposit the KD 500 bond or submit a copy of their electric bill. Government workers are also exempt from paying the deposit.

Telephone bills can be obtained from the Telephone Exchange.


Electric power is supplied at 240 volts, 50 cycles AC and transformers are available in hotels and shops. Electricity charges may or may not be included in the terms of your lease.

When you rent a flat or a villa, you must take the rental contract to the nearest electricity office together with your passport, residence visa and a refundable deposit of KD 100. An electrician from the Ministry of Electricity and Water will go with you to switch on the power when you move to new accommodation.


Gas is produced at the Mina Abdullah Refinery and is delivered to depots in canisters. Depots are conveniently located in all areas. The number of canisters that can be purchased at one time is now limited. A permit is required for buying in commercial quantities.

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