Hassan Maktabi and Sons

Hassan Maktabi and Sons


Hassan Maktabi and Sons
Rawcheh Corniche, Next to Royal Plaza Hotel

Hassan Maktabi & Sons deal mainly with the cream of handmade carpets, since these are the true jewels of the industry. All the foremost carpet producing countries are amply represented in their galleries. These include traditional centers like Iran and the Caucasus, as well as more exotic tribal locations stretching across the Central Asian steppes.

They pride theirselves on being the most qualified experts in the region when it comes to antique carpets. Obviously, these are of far greater value than modern ones because they have withstood the trials of time and represent a truer artistic tradition, originating before modern commercial demands. They offer an extremely fine collection of antique carpets, a collection that has been accumulated by the patient search of successive generations.

Furthermore, they also display the widest range of the most recent and enchanting carpets as well. They regularly visit the weaving centers and update their inventory by careful hand selection of the finest trends of contemporary produce

New designs and patterns are continuously surfacing. Factories are currently weaving carpets designed to match the demands and tastes of their faithful customer base, and they sincerely hope they are well appreciated. Classically floral and decoratively geometric patterns make up the core of their latest collection.

In addition, their collection stretches to include some of the finest masterpieces of tribal work. Horse trappings, tent beddings and bag faces- all in the most enchanting of colors and designs.

Originating from Isfahan, Hassan Maktabi and his uncle were the first members of the family to set foot in Lebanon. As the years passed, his business grew and expanded. Afterwards, other family members were lured by these prospects and migrated to Lebanon to start their own businesses. Eventually, the original firm was named in honor of the man who had single-handedly built it early last century.

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