Media in Morocco

Media in Morocco Last updated on Thursday 22nd April 2010

Morocco has 12 daily national newspapers and many magazines. The international London-based Arabic daily Asharq Alawsat is also printed in Morocco.

There are many radio channels broadcasting in several languages and the state television has programming in Arabic, English and French with an Arabsat satellite channel broadcasting across North Africa and the Middle East.

The press
The government owns the official press agency, Maghreb Arab Presse (MAP), and the Arabic daily Al-Anbaa The government also supports two semi-official dailies, the French-language Le Matin. It subsidizes the rest of the press through support for newsprint and office space.

Several papers can be read online from the Information Ministry's site.

Radio-Television Marocaine (RTM) broadcasts is run by the government. Another major broadcaster is the Tangier-operated Medi-1, which broadcasts throughout North Africa and Morocco.

Satellite dishes are available allow free access to a wide variety of foreign broadcasts. People in northern Morocco can receive Spanish broadcasts. The government does not impede the reception of foreign broadcasts or internet access.

The Moroccan radio market has comparatively a more variety. Apart from state broadcaster RTM, there is Medi 1- a private radio station. French and Spanish stations can also be received. The government pledged to encourage new private radio stations.


The number of internet users was estimated at 60,000 in early 2000. Maroc Telecom announced in February 2000 a 50% discount in internet connection fees and offered other extra free-of-charge services.

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