Spafford Children's Center

Spafford Children's Center


Spafford Children's Center
97500 Jerusalem, Old City, PO Box 19991
East Jerusalem
Palestinian Territory

The Clinic is run by the Center's Director and Pediatrician, Dr. Jantien Dajani. It is open every day and children up to 18 years are brought in for examination. Nearly all can be dealt with within the Spafford Children's Center though more serious problems are referred to hospitals outside the Old City. In some children physical complaints are found to be symptomatic of psychological distress which can be helped, or cured, by SCC staff in other departments.

Preventative care has always been central to SCC's work. Each year over 20,000 babies are brought by their mothers, or occasionally but increasingly by their fathers, for routine checking and immunisation. An obstetrician holds weekly clinics for pregnant women; SCC staff provide advice, health education, practical help, ante-natal classes and instruction in child care, nutrition, first aid and other subjects on request. Children with problems are referred to the pediatric clinic, or to other departments within SCC.

Contact Info
02 - 628 4875
02 - 628 2631
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