Housing in Qatar

Housing in Qatar Last updated on Saturday 24th April 2010

The State of Qatar attempts to create the optimum living conditions for its citizens. This is done through raising health, economic and social standards and providing suitable housing that is appropriate to the size, needs and social customs and traditions of each family.

The Free Popular Housing Section of the Popular Housing Department provides housing for citizens with limited resources. It consists of the following facilities provided by the Government:

The beneficiary is granted a free strip of land. The size of the land depends upon the size of the beneficiary's family but it ranges from 6400 to 10,000 sq ft. The beneficiary is offered an interest-free loan of which only 60% is to be repaid in easy installments, based upon his income, over a period of 20-25 years.

The Government bears the costs of architect's plans and building specifications. It also supervises construction as well as providing all utilities with no charge to the beneficiary. The State also bears the cost of house insurance against fire.

Upon receipt of the house, the government grants the beneficiary a furniture allowance of QR20,000. In the case of the beneficiary's total disability or death, the heirs are exempted from paying the remaining loan installments.

The houses provided are one or two-storey buildings built upon an area of 960 sq m. The houses consist of 4 bedrooms, 1 lounge or majlis, 1 dining room, 1 sitting room, 1 kitchen, a store, a garage and all other necessities.

The Popular Housing Section investigates applications for housing to make sure that the applicant meets the following conditions:

Is a Qatari national

Has a limited income

Is between 25-50 years of age

Undergoes a medical test

Is unable to afford building his own house

Has not benefited from any other housing scheme

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