Qatar: Useful Business Addresses

Qatar: Useful Business Addresses Last updated on Thursday 22nd April 2010

The following addresses are all in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Qatar University
PO Box 2713 Telephone: 832222

The Central Statistical Organisation (CSO)
PO Box 7283 Telephone: 491497

Qatar General Petroleum Corporation (QGPC)
PO Box 47 Telephone: 422514

Qatar Public Telecommunications Corporation (Q-Tel)
PO Box 217 Telephone: 400400

Qatar Central Bank
PO Box 1234 Telephone: 456456

The General Organisation for Youth & Sports
PO Box 2511 Telephone: 453333

Hamad Medical Corporation
PO Box 3050 Telephone: 446446

Qatar News Agency (QNA)
PO Box 3299 Telephone: 322725

Qatar Radio
PO Box 3939 Telephone: 894444

Qatar Television
PO Box 1944 Telephone: 894444

Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry
PO Box 402 Telephone: 425131

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