Useful Qatar Government Addresses

Useful Qatar Government Addresses Last updated on Saturday 24th April 2010

The following addresses are all in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Ministry of Defence
PO Box 37 Telephone: 404111

Ministry of Interior
PO Box 2433 Telephone: 330000

Ministry of Public Health
PO Box 42 Telephone: 441555

Ministry of Finance, Economy & Commerce
PO Box 83 Telephone: 461444

Ministry of Justice
PO Box 4796 Telephone: 427444

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
PO Box 250 Telephone: 415000

Ministry of Endowments & Islamic Affairs
PO Box 232 Telephone: 452222

Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture
PO Box 820 Telephone: 413535

Ministry of Diwan Emiri Affairs
PO Box 923 Telephone: 468333

Ministry of Transport & Communication
PO Box 22228 Telephone: 464000

Ministry of Education
PO Box 80 Telephone: 413444

Ministry of Electricity & Water
PO Box 41 Telephone: 326622

Ministry of Labour, Housing & Social Affairs
PO Box 201 Telephone: 321934

Ministry of Energy & Industry
PO Box 3212 Telephone: 832121

Ministry of Information & Culture
PO Box 1836 Telephone: 831333

Department of Publications & Foreign Information
PO Box 5147 Telephone: 427333

Museums & Antiquities Department
PO Box 2777 Telephone: 438123

Department of Culture & Arts
PO Box 3332 Telephone: 427333

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