ISCOSA (Industrial Services Company Saudi Arabia)

ISCOSA (Industrial Services Company Saudi Arabia)


ISCOSA (Industrial Services Company Saudi Arabia)
PO Box 1032
Dammam 31431
Saudi Arabia

ISCOSA, a joint venture between E.A Juffali group and Siemens companies, has been a dynamic force in providing technical services required to support the rapidly expanding economies of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Region.

Actual business activity for ISCOSA commenced in late 1973 for the Water Injection Pumping Stations of SAUDI ARAMCO in the Southern Gawahr oil and gas field. The ISCOSA Overhaul Crew was formed in 1974 and rapidly expanded into both electrical and mechanical engineering services. Over the last 34 years ISCOSA’s Service facility expanded into one of the largest and most comprehensive repair facilities of its kind in the Middle East.

ISCOSA (Industrial Services Company Saudi Arabia), is located in Dammam Saudi Arabia, right off the coastline of the Persian Gulf, just a short car drive away from Bahrain and Kuwait and only one hour flight from all major industrial areas and financial centers in the Middle and Near East. From this strategically important location lying right in the middle of one of the largest installed turbine fleets, ISCOSA has been successfully offering for more than 34 years “one shop stop” services to all power and industrial customers, including oil & gas and petrochemicals, in the region, literally realizing the “hole in the wall” service concept.

ISCOSA has been successful in providing first class services for all rotating equipment and they constantly challenge theirselves by their vision of being the first choice local service provider of OEM and Non-OEM Rotating Equipment providing innovative technology solution leveraging the Global Siemens Network.

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+966 3 842-8380
+966 3 843-4333
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