Saudi Arabia Tour Guide: Telephones

Saudi Arabia Tour Guide: Telephones Last updated on Sunday 25th April 2010

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has one of the most efficient and reliable telephone services in the world. There is direct dialling to virtually every country in the world.

The country code for dialling Saudi Arabia from abroad is 966 followed by the city code and the phone number.

For example, to call a number in Riyadh from abroad, first dial the international access code, then 966 (for Saudi Arabia), then 1 (for Riyadh -- you only need to use the leading 0 of the city code when dialling from within the Kingdom), and then the seven-digit number.

Area codes for some Saudi cities
01 Riyadh
02 Jeddah
03 Dammam
04 Medina
06 Buraidah
07 Abha


Useful telephone numbers in the Kingdom
Police 999
Ambulance 997
Fire 998
Road Accidents 993
International Information 900
Directory Assistance 905
Telephone Maintenance 904

The access numbers for AT&T, MCI and Sprint are:

  • AT&T: 1-800-10
  • MCI: 1-800-11
  • Sprint: 1-800-15
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