Sudan Tour Guide: Health and vaccinations

Sudan Tour Guide: Health and vaccinations Last updated on Saturday 24th April 2010

As a result of the war, there is a severe shortage of medicines, trained doctors and hospital equipment in the Sudan. Many serious diseases are common, particularly malaria, meningitis, tuberculosis, hepatitis, measles, dysentery, glaucoma and bilharzia.

All visitors are strongly recommended to take out a good health insurance policy before travelling. Recommended vaccinations are yellow fever, cholera, typhoid, tetanus and meningitis. Malaria is rife, so preventative medication -- such as Paludrine -- should be taken before, during and after your trip. A mosquito net and repellent cream are both essential, especially if you are travelling south of Khartoum.

Water is rarely safe to drink straight from the tap, even in the larger cities. Boiling all water or the use of water purification tablets is strongly recommended.

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