Overview of Tunisia

Overview of Tunisia Last updated on Monday 26th April 2010

Overview Tunisia

Official name

Republic of Tunisia (Aj-jamhouryya At-tonisyya)

Type of government

Multiparty republic



Major cities

Tunis (capital), Sfax, Sousse, Bizerte.


163,610 sq. km


9.4 million (1999)

Demographic growth rate

1.12% (1999)


Arabic (official), French is widely spoken, some English and Italian


Sunni Islam (with the existence of Christian and Jewish communities)

Monetary Unit

Tunisian Dinar (TD1.34=US$1)

Natural resources

Crude oil, phosphate, iron ore, lead, zinc, salt


The voltage is 220V, except for some places in the extreme south where it is 110

Weights and measures


Business hours

Banks: 8:00-11:00am/2:00-5:00pm Mon. to Thurs.; 8:00am-11: 00am/1:00pm-3: 00pm Fri
Many banks close in the afternoons in summer. In Tunis, some banks have extended hours, and in most tourist resorts money can be changed in hotels and bureau de change establishments.
Hours of business vary in summer, winter and Ramadan.

International dialing code


Time zone

GMT + 1 hour

National holiday

March 20 (Independence Day)

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