Media of Yemen

Media of Yemen Last updated on Monday 26th April 2010

The newspapers are both private and state-controlled, but the broadcasting service that operates radio and television stations are state-controlled.

Radio broadcast stations

AM 6, FM 1, short-wave 2 (1998)

Television broadcast stations

7 (plus several low-power repeaters) (1997)

Internet Service Providers (ISP's)

1 (1999)


Three dailies, four weeklies and four monthlies.


Three weeklies, one bi-monthly, eight monthlies and three quarterlies.


Sana'a 4

Aden 9

Tai'z 6

Lahij 2

Al-Hudaideh 8

Abyan 4

Ibb 2

Shabweh 2

Thamar 2

Hadhramout 5

Al-Mahreh 1

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